Freelo is a popular
alternative to Trello

Compared to Trello you get a view of tasks across all the projects/boards. Import your Trello account into Freelo in just a few clicks.

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Well-organized and simple communication over the tasks

Easily lose information by email, phone or chat. Task in Freel contains files and discussion of users. It is always clear who solves the task and what the deadline is.

You reply to the email and the comment will appear in Freel

Free Alert emails notify you of important events over projects and tasks. You can reply to the emails and your message will appear as a new comment for the task in Freel. It works with attachments and we cleverly cut your e-mail signature.

You can have tasks in columns or rows

Some people prefer columns, and someone likes lists below. In Freel, you can easily switch between columns and lists to manage each project as needed .

Track time, expenses and budgets in just a few clicks

Our stopwatch to measure time spent over task easily replaces foreign Toggl. In addition, you can enter additional costs to track real cuts from the project budget.

More about Timetracking

Templates, checklists and easier process management

Freelo is the perfect helper for repetitive tasks and procedures. Organize your know-how into templates / checklists and use them in new projects with a few clicks. Templates make delegacy very simple.

Smiling English speaking support ready to help

Freelo is a Czech application with the support of English and Slovak. For beginners, we have a well-arranged video tutorial or a comprehensive help . For all other cases we are available on chat (bottom right).phone or email.

Easily import projects into Freelo

We have prepared an easy way for you to get your Trello projects directly to Freelo. It's easy, just a few steps following our guide.

How to import from Trello
Captains of these companies manage their work in Freelo

„We were selecting between Freelo, Asana and Basecamp. After comparing the features, price and outline we have decided for Freelo. It complies all our needs to effectively manage the projects.“

Marek Joska Group Online Specialist at CarTec Group a.s.

I had the experience with apps like Slack, Trello, Basecamp, but there was always something missing. When I run into these guys from Pardubice they got me. Their software solves all the requirements I have smartly. We are using Freelo in our team for six months and it works very well. I recommend Freelo to everyone who wants to have an overview of all projects, tasks, time and responsibilities.“

Lukáš Havlena Head Of Marketing OEZ

„As far as I know Freelo is amazing. Especially surprising is that the best online app to control the tasks has the origin in Czech Republic. Thank you!“

Mgr. Adam Havlíček CEO čerstvěutrž

What Freelo and Trello users do(not)appreciate

  • Well-arranged communication over the tasks
  • Connected to email
  • Integrated timetracking and expenses reports
  • Switching from row to column view
  • Online support
  • Fixed price – non reliant on users amount
  • Plan Team for a fixed price: €42/month

  • Less synoptical card communication
  • Poor orientation of invited users
  • Only column / cards view
  • Extended features via payed Power Ups
  • Missing access management
  • Price reliant on users amount
  • 10-member team paid version: ~€122/month


Paid plan from €22/month (fixed price) from €22/user/month
Monitoring the context of all projects
Clear discussions on tasks
Project-level access control
Planning Calendar
Integrated Timetracking
Budgets, finances and billing
Simple work with your mailbox
Public sharing of project parts
Easy process management

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