About us

Why do we do it? What's our goal? Who are we?

Why do we do it?

We want to have control over the projects we manage with different people, clients, and businesses.

"Well, let's make an app that will save us time, money and our nerves" - we said.

Then we started talking about it with other freelancers and realised that we are not the only ones with these needs.

And so all the fun began. We thought it would be easy. It was not simple at all, but Freelo is here and we are excited to be able to serve you!

Freelo team

Freelo will always be the tool for freelancers and independent professionals. We are freelancers and we do not intend to change it.

Freelo´s development and features have a clear direction and will not change. We will continually collect feedback from our Freelo users. All your voices will be analyzed to find the most useful features.

You don´t have to worry. Freelo will never change its basics. When adding new features, we will always carefully consider whether they support our direction.

We promise.

Who we are

Ing. Karel Borkovec


Karel is a programmer every bit. He believes that every good idea deserves to be in code.

Ing. Jan Kulda

Graphic designer

Kulin is freelance professional who design solutions for web and e-commerce. He has experience in marketing and branding.

Ing. Karel Dytrych

Businessman and analyst

Karel built Webový servis and Váš Hosting. Freelo is project for him to apply all his knowledge and experience.

Freelo webinar

How we do customer support

Try it for free, captain

You will have 14 days to try out Freelo for free. Simply click and enter your email address.

Even after 14 free days, you can use the Freelo FREE plan. You can find more information in our pricing