Freelo is a popular Czech alternative to Asana

  • Simple for colleagues and clients
  • Transparent tasks across projects
  • Timetracking, budgets, finances,…
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„Freelo fulfilled our basic need to supervise projects and keep communication in one place. Freelo's intuitiveness allows us to quickly integrate other colleagues into it. Freelo is becoming more and more a part of our company.”

Jan Minář Marketing Director PRO-DOMA

„Tool for project management and task monitoring is necessary in every modern company. We started using Freelo in a day and it immediately became part of our daily work - everyone knows what to do and doesn't forget now.“

Petr Hulec CEO Bushman

Freelo has become great helper for us. It works for me and my colleagues in every way. Thanks to Freelo, our communication is more clear and we have all our tasks in one place. Freelo saves us time and therefore money.”

Martina Vojtíšková Online Marketing Specialist Kärcher

Intuitive and simple tool
Freelo is easy to use for everyone
Select the task view
Column, row and calendar views
Time tracking, budgets and costs
Invoice reports directly
Task labels
For categorization and clustering across projects
Subtasks and advanced tasks
Repetitive tasks, process tasks, duplication,…
User rights in the project
Simply set up what can the user see in the project
Smart template
Templates for subtasks, tasks, To-Do lists and projects
An overview of tasks across projects
Custom filters and task views
Fixed pricing policy
The price does not increase with the number of users

from €22


The main reasons to try Freelo instead of Asana

1 /
Clear Timetracking and financial project management

Freelo has integrated timetracking compared to Asana. It is not necessary to connect and pay for other specialized apps. Time tracking is smart in Freelo - hour rate is multiplied by time for more accurate cost tracking.

  • Time tracking for specific task
  • Instant multiplication of hour rate over time
  • Explotation from To-Do lists and project's budgets
  • Recurring budgets for projects
  • Invoice your reports immediately

2 /
Freelo is in English and has willing customer support

Asana is an English application versus Freelo is purely Czech. Although it is very simple, helpful customer support will gladly throw a lifebuoy on chat, email or phone.

  • Freelo can speak English, Czech and Slovak
  • Freelo is simple and full of useful features
  • We have great Czech and English help

3 /
Dashboard shows tasks across the projects

Onto just a few clicks, you can filter overviews of the tasks across all projects. You can filter according to various parameters with an option to save the views to re-check.

  • User views
  • Tasks across projects
  • Filter by label
  • Review of completed tasks
  • Floating terms
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