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In all paid plans, you can invite as many people as you want and the price won't increase.

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How much can I save a month?

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GoodSave on average wages at least
How did we get this amount?
We found out that each team member saves on average 30 minutes a day thanks to Freelo.
Save money and time when:
  • Searching information in the email
  • Everyone knows what to do
  • Decrease errors and forgetting
  • Speed up and clear communication
  • Automate work step by step
Frequently Asked Questions Do we charge per user?

We don't. As account owner, you only pay for one account. Then you can invite as many users or clients as you like.

In case you decide not use Freelo within 30 days since the payment, we will return your money to you without questions. Whatever the reason is.

Active project is one that is not archived. The archived project is read-only and it can be restored at anytime.

You can pay in the Freelo app. When the Trial tarif runs out Freelo will give you a notice. Also find the payment button on your profile.

Really simply. Freelo is available with all its features without any limitation for 14 days. You do not have to pay or enter a credit card. After this time, the system notifies you and asks you to choose your plan of use Freelo for Free.

You can pay with debit card via secured GoPay gateway or transfer to our bank account in case of one year pre-paid account. In both cases, you will find all your invoices in Freelo and your e-mail.

Can I help you?
  • Hi! I'm Karel Dytrych - the founder of Freelo. If anything interests you, I'd be happy to help and advise to you.

  • Write to me at or call +420 777 302 228‬.
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