Freelo pricing

With single subscription you can invite as many people as you want. We do not charge for each user as in other applications. Invite who you want and collaborate in one place.

Most Popluar Team
Freelo pays you off - calculate how much
Good. On salaries you save at least per month.
Where we get this amount
We found out that thanks to Freelo each team member saves about 30 minutes per day.
What are you saving for?
  • no more looking for information in e-mail
  • everyone knows what to do
  • decreases errors and forgetfulness
  • communication will be faster and contextual
  • you will gradually automate your work
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Do we charge per user?

We don't. As account owner, you only pay for a single account. Then you can invite users or clients to Freelo as much as you like.

What does guarantee of satisfaction means?

If, for any reason, you decide to not use Freelo within 30 days of payment, we will return your money to you without questions.

What is an active project?

An active project is one that is not archived. The archived project is read-only - it can be restored at any time.

Where and how can I pay for Freelo?

You can pay in the Freelo app. When the Trial tarif runs out Freelo will give you a notice. Also find the payment button on your profile.

How does the trial time work?

Very easy. Freelo is available with all its features without any limitation for 14 days. You do not have to pay or enter a credit card. After this time, the system notifies you and asks you to choose your plan.

What are the ways of payment?

You can pay with payment card via secured GoPay payment gateway or by transferring the amount to our bank account. In both cases, you will find all your invoices in Freelo.

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