How Freelo helps companies with teamwork?

We asked our great clients about it. You can read about practical examples of work with Freelo in case studies.

Martin Vachata and his team from FotoSkoda organizes events for thousands of people thanks to Freelo.

„The wide portfolio of events that we organize for our costumers and enthusiastic photographers from all over our country requires sophisticated tools. Freelo is clearly one of them.“

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"Our meetings are qualitatively different." How can Freelo manage 70 employees and warehouses in two cities?

"By deplying Freelo, we have captured a systematic record of the tasks that had previously been said to have been written and erased. Today, the teams write assignments to FreeLight directly, they add individual members and deadlines to them. The task will not disappear anywhere until it is resolved. It is absolutely essential qualitative difference. "

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Karel Jerabek’s team cares for 6000 e-shops. They are using Freelo as main communication tool.

„Freelo quickly solved information noise and became a major communication channel between us and our external partners. Each member of team has access to exact informations they need for their work in the right moment. I dare to estimate that amount of emails with external partners has decreased by about 50%."

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Thanks to Freelo, Sanasport manages daily communication of 40-member team that takes care of 4 stores and e-shop.

„Big complication when working with a large team were endless e-mail communications. We just kept loosing ourselves in it. Everyone responded to different part of the thread and solving anything especially across teams was absolutelly inefficient. That’s why we decided to change the situation with Freelo.“

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