How Freelo helps companies

We asked our great clients about it. You can read about practical examples of work with Freelo in case studies.

Online agency
Why and how 2Score manages to play the first league in sports marketing
IT company
Jak se Simplia z levných pronájmů e-shopů posunula k řešením na míru s vysokou přidanou hodnotou
Interview with founders of e-shop about watch business and where they are after 5 years since the origin.
Martin Vachata and his team from FotoSkoda organizes events for thousands of people thanks to Freelo.
"Our meetings are qualitatively different." How can Freelo manage 70 employees and warehouses in two cities?
IT company
Karel Jerabek’s team cares for 6000 e-shops. They are using Freelo as main communication tool.
Thanks to Freelo, Sanasport manages daily communication of 40-member team that takes care of 4 stores and e-shop.

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