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CEO Vojtěch Šišma answers for 2Score

2Score is on market a couple of years. Could you introduce the company, tell me a bit of it's history, your visions and plans?

2Score is on market nearly 7 years and the main mission is to cultivate the sports environment and specifically sports marketing in the Czech Republic. We want the level of Czech sport to grow, the performance on the field, fulfilled audience and also good quality of related services. Therefore, we get inspired abroad and apply the best practice in Czech. We can say it is a never-ending process. They will always be ahead and inspiring in something abroad. Although we are often admired for our work abroad.

2Score team. Photo: 2score

What makes 2Score unique compared to other agencies?

We are unique compared to other agencies because we focus especially on sports. That includes sports marketing, communication and partnerships conclusion.

Which of your achievements are you proud of the most? While browsing your web and social networks, I found Sparta, Fortuna liga, Sazka bet, McDonald's etc.

We are very proud of the clients and projects we have created over the years. In many aspects they are at the top of our field. Since our team is made up of people who love sports, working at such a level is also an honor. If I have to choose one thing and speak also for my colleagues, it was Tomas Rosicky's goodbye party last year. This project has brought so many emotions and pride from the participation in something like this.

In the past, when I turned the PC on, I went on Facebook and even earlier to Seznam. Now I start with Freelo. CEO 2score, Vojtech Sisma.

How many people currently make up the 2Score team and how do you work?

We would probably need more than two pairs of hands to count the external and internal people, who communicate very closely. We have groups of graphic designers, video creators, specialists managing digital platforms and project managers. That is our exact division of work. Otherwise, the structure responds to clients and projects associate with them.

How many sites are you currently working from?

Although we have one office space in the very center of Prague with a view of the National Museum, it is not the only location where work and especially communication between individual members of our team takes place. We prefer home office and work is often done in the field.

League Football Association Workshop on topic: News and World Trends in Social Networking. Photo: 2score

Do you also work with external colleagues?

We try to work with the best who combine expertise and fit into our team. The reason is that we take it as a process of continuous learning and gathering more and more experiences.

Is it difficult to plan a creative job? Did you know that you always deliver a creative with a job during the week? How variable is it?

ASAP word is the favorite in our environment, so we're uncommon to have enough time. Many projects are subject to a deadline so the creativity has to come out. In this context, I think we have well-set processes and always find the best solution based on the conditions.

Team 2score shooting a spot with football players. Photo: 2score

What about the events? They are often planned a year ahead..

We are rather devoted to small events. We have an excellent cooperating external agents and agencies for large ones.

What techniques do you use in your teamwork? What works and what have you left?

We have a system of meetings in place. When there's nothing to deal with, we don't meet. We do not hold consultations or meetings. That is why the conference room is often full of brainstorming or feedback meetings after the projects or events end.

Team 2score shooting with football legends Jan Koller and Horst Siegel. Photo: 2score

Time to time, even in a well-coordinated team, there are some complications when finishing tasks or projects. What did you deal with specifically and which procedures helped you to solve the problem?

Cooperation is important for us. So when the mistake is coming or made, the team must communicate. We need to learn from mistakes, so we can avoid them in the future. The most common one is probably forgetting "something". Freelo really helped with the internal communication.

What is the hardest part of running an agency like yours?

The biggest problem with us is that we really live by work. We like sport and we want to do our best. But within the agency, you have certain constraints that determine the budgets of clients and projects. These then determine the hourly budgets and the amount of work allocated to the projects. But we often spend more time on projects because we just want it to be even better than we promised. If it is to an extent, we take it as an investment in fulfilling our mission.

We have manuals of our processes, but examples and practice works best.

What system did you use to manage  the team communication before Freelo?

The transition to Freelo was also related to the expansion of our team. We have adjusted the structure to more specialized format according to the specifics of work in the original separation of projects. We used to have e-mail, messenger and todo list from Excel.

How has the workflow and efficiency changed after implementation of Freelo?

I cannot imagine our work without Freelo or a similar platform anymore. Freelo brought clear rules in team members cooperation, minimized mistakes and cleared structure.

Cameraman in action. Photo: 2score

Why did you choose Freelo and how did its implementation in your team go?

We were looking for a platform for project management and related tasks. There were more options to choose from, the Czech variant won. We jumped at the chance and didn't seek other ways. The implementation was a bit breakneck at first. We had to set it up well at the beginning. It was up to us. Sink or swim. We have learned to swim and managed to keep swimming.

The ASAP word is very popular in our environment. We are used to lack of time. Most of our projects have deadlines so the creativity has to come out.

How many projects are you currently working on?

We have many long-term projects consisting of sub-projects. Nowadays, we have tens of projects.

How do you divide your projects in Freelo?

I cannot say clearly. Some of them according to client and others according to large projects.

2score team is really active. They also participate in amateur football tournaments. Photo: 2score

Do you have more short-term or long-term issues?

Most of our projects are long-term.

Freelo brought clear rules in team members cooperation, minimized mistakes and cleared structure.

Do you track the productivity or the efficiency of your teams in detail? How do you know that everything works like a charm?

We use Freelo, timesheet platform and regular meetings for such a purpose.

Do you have any specifics within the team cooperation that influences the success of projects or their severity?

We love sport and what we do.

Which other tools or apps do you use except Freelo and for what?

Of course e-mail for communication outside our team. WhatsApp only for internal communication. Package from Google, especially Drive. Adobe packages for our creative colleagues. My Hours for timesheet records.

Our team's daily work: shooting of the major league teams. Photo: 2score

How do you teach new team members with Freelo and the entire workflow?

We have manuals of our processes, but examples and practice works best.

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Which Freelo's features are the most useful to you and why?

Assigning tasks = clear responsibility , e-mail notifications = nothing escapes, functional application = work from anywhere.

What processes or functions does Freelo solve in your company?

Communication, meeting's reports, assignment, keeping of inspiration. On the other hand, we do not use timetracking at all.

The most common mistake is forgetting. Freelo really helped us to improve the internal communication.

Do you miss anything in Freelo?

Perhaps simplier time reports, that is / was more for freelancers than agencies.

When you say Freelo, which words do you think of?

In past, when I turned the PC on, I went on Facebook and even earlier to Seznam. Now I start with Freelo.

Do you have any tutorials or best practices how to use Freelo?

Put everything to Freelo.

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