Interview with 2Score CEO on how they manage to play the first league in sports marketing

Za Freelo se ptá Karel Dytrych
2Score je na trhu už hezkých pár let. Můžeš pro lepší kontext firmu představit, říci něco z historie a představit její vizi a plány do budoucna?
Responsible for 2Score is CEO Vojtěch Šišma

2Score has been on the market for nearly 7 years and the main mission is to cultivate the sports environment and specifically sports marketing in the Czech Republic . We want the level of Czech sport to grow, both on the playgrounds themselves as part of the sporting performances and in the auditoriums in terms of their fulfillment and the quality of the related services. Therefore, we like to inspire abroad and apply the best practice to the Czech reality. This can be said to be a never-ending process, as they will always be better or inspiring in something abroad. Although we often hear admiration from abroad for our work.

What makes 2Score unique compared to other agencies?

The exceptionality to other agencies is certainly focused mainly on sports. And in the sport of marketing, communication and activating partnerships.

Assigning tasks = clear responsibility,
mail notifications = nothing escapes,
functional application = work from anywhere. "
What are your most proud achievements? While browsing the web and social networks, I found things like Sparta, Fortuna League, Sazka bet, MCDonalds and more.

We are very proud of the clients and projects we have created over the years. In many respects the work belongs to the top of our field. And since our team is made up of most of the people who live in sport, working at such a level is also an honor. If I had to choose one act and speak for my colleagues, it was Tomáš Rosický's bachelor party last year. This is the project that has brought about most of the emotions and pride to participate in something like this.

How many people currently make up the 2Score team and how do you work?

With externalists, we would probably use more than two pairs of hands to calculate our team that communicates closely. We have a group of graphic designers, a group of video creators, a group dedicated to managing digital platforms, and a group that manages the projects, which is exactly what the division of work is. Otherwise, the structure corresponds to the clients associated with their projects.

How many sites are you currently working from?

Although we have one office space in the very center of Prague with a view of the National Museum, it is not the only location where work and especially communication between individual members of our team takes place. We have a lot of home office mode and work is often done in the field.

Do you also work with external colleagues?

We try to work with the best who combine expertise and fit into our team. The reason is that we take it as a process of constant learning and gathering more and more experiences.

Is it hard to plan a creative job? Did you know that you always deliver a creative with a job during the week? How variable is it?

The ASAP word is popular in our environment, so we're not used to having enough time. A lot of the project is subject to a deadline when the creative has to go, otherwise there is no other way. In this context, I think we have well-set processes and always find the best solution based on the conditions.

The most common mistake is probably forgetting “something”, which Freelo and the internal communication system helped us most. ”
What about the events? Often planned a year in advance ..

We are rather devoted to small events and for the larger ones we have excellent cooperating externalists or agencies.

What techniques do you use in your teamwork? What works and what have you left?

We have a meeting system in place, but when there's nothing to deal with, we don't meet. We do not hold meetings for meetings. In any case, there are often many innovations, either whole projects or partial work on long-term projects. That is why the conference room is often filled during brainstorming or even feedback meetings after realized projects or events.

Time to time, even in a well-coordinated team, there are some complications when finishing tasks or projects. What did you deal with specifically and which procedures helped you to solve the problem?

Cooperation with us is important. That is, when the error is approaching or occurring, communicate to minimize it as a team. And then we need to learn from these mistakes for the next time. The most common mistake is probably forgetting “something”, which Freelo and the internal communication system helped us most.

What is the operation of an agency like your most difficult one?

The biggest problem with us is that we really work. We like sport and we want to do our best. But within the agency you have certain limits that determine the budgets of clients and projects. These then determine the hourly budgets and the amount of work allocated to the projects. But we often spend more time on projects because we just want it to be even better than we promised. If it is to an extent, we take it as an investment in our mission.

Freelo brought clear rules in the cooperation of our team members, minimizing errors and clear structure. ”
Did you have any real “fuck up”, some crisis moment and what helped you get out of it?

Yes, time and lots of negotiations.

What system did you use to   manage   the   team   before   Freel?

The transition to Freelo was also related to the expansion of our team and the adjustment of the structure to a structure more specialized according to the specifics of the work from the original division according to projects. So earlier, mail, messenger and excel Todo were enough.

How   changed workflow and   efficiency to Freela's introduction?

I couldn't imagine how our team would work without Freelo or a similar platform. Freelo brought clear rules in the cooperation of our team members, minimizing errors and clear structure.

In our environment is a popular word ASAP, we are used to lack of time. A lot of the project is subject to the deadline when the creative has to go, otherwise there is no other way. ”
Why did you choose Freelo and what was its introduction to the   team?

We were looking for a platform to manage projects and their associated tasks. There were more variants to choose from, but the Czech variant won. We just went for it and we didn't look for other ways. The introduction was initially gritty to set it up right in the beginning, but the winning approach was to throw all of us into the river to swim. And we managed, we still swim, and well.

How many projects are you currently working on?

We have many long-term projects consisting of sub-projects. That is why there are also dozens of projects.

How do you divide your projects in Freelo?

This cannot be said clearly, but something according to clients and something according to larger projects.

Are they rather short-term or long-term issues?

Most of our projects are long-term.

We have prepared manuals of our processes, but shown and practice works best. ”
Are you tracking your productivity or the efficiency of your / your teams into detail? How do you know that   everything is running like   but?

K tomu nám slouží právě Freelo, timesheetová platforma a pravidelné porady.

Máte nějaká specifika v rámci týmové spolupráce, která ovlivňují úspěch projektů, nebo jejich náročnost?

Lásku ke sportu a k tomu co děláme.

What other tools or apps except Freela are you using, and   to   what?

Samozřejmě mail pro zejména komunikaci mimo náš tým. WhatsApp právě k interní komunikaci. Balík služeb od Googlu, zejména Drive. Adobe balíčky pro naše kreativní kolegy. My Hours pro timesheetovou evidenci.

How do you teach new team members to   Freela   the entire workflow?

Máme připravené manuály našich procesů, ale ukázaná a praxe funguje nejlépe.

Which   Freela features are most useful to you   and why?

Přiřazování úkolů = jasná odpovědnost, mailové notifikace = nic neunikne pozornosti, funkční aplikace = práce odkudkoliv.

Jaké všechny procesy/funkce ve firmě vám Freelo řeší?

Komunikace, zápisy z porad, zadávání úkolů, uchovávání inspirací. Naopak ho vůbec nepoužíváme k vykazování času.

Dříve, když se zapnul PC, tak se šlo na Facebook a ještě dříve na Seznam, nyní já začínám Freelem.“
Je něco, co vám na Freelu vadí nebo vám v něm chybí?

Možná větší jednoduchost k vykazování času, které je/bylo více pro freelancery než agentury.

Když se řekne Freelo, které slovo se vám vybaví?

Facebook nebo Seznam. Dříve, když se zapnul PC, tak se šlo na Facebook a ještě dříve na Seznam, nyní já začínám Freelem.

Máte nějaké návody nebo best practices pro používání Freela?

Vše do Freela.

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