Who does Freelo save time, nerves and money?

Thanks to Freelo we have a better insight into who is doing and what he is hanging on. Everyone can easily find out a task status and who can handle it. In addition, thanks to mobile applications, we always have Freelo with us.“

Pavlína Broďáni Marketing Nikon

Freelo has become our reliable partner. It simply connects the internal team with externalists and does not lose track of all planned, ongoing and completed projects.“

Mgr. Nikola Nevečeřalová Content Marketing Manager

„Co se týče Freela, je užasné a o to více překvapivé, že v současnosti nejlepší online aplikace pro správu úkolů vznikla v České republice. A za to díky.“

Mgr. Adam Havlíček CEO čerstvěutrženo.cz

„I was looking for a tool to solve the communication noise and the shared capacities of people in the team. Freelo now helps us. We use it relatively briefly but for the time being complete satisfaction. We were surprised how quickly we got used to it.“

Ondřej Valuštík Head of web team Ušetřeno.cz

„Hledali jsme program, kde bychom mohli efektivně komunikovat. Připravujeme mnoho velkých projektů a někdy je náročné se v nich orientovat. Na výběr bylo Freelo, Asana a Basecamp. Po porovnání funkcí, ceny a přehlednosti jsme se rozhodli pro Freelo, které splňuje naše požadavky pro efektivní řízení projektů. Všechny informace na jednom místě, přiřazování úkolů, měření času, příprava rozpočtu a další funkce, které ocení nejen projektový a marketingový manažer.“

Marek Joska Group Online Specialist v CarTec Group a.s.

„Thanks to Freelo we cut off a lot of long email communications and at the same time gained insight into who is doing what. It is sometimes not easy with remote colleagues. We're surprised with the new features updated frequently.“

Martin Vachata Project manager Fotoškoda.cz
Case study

„Pro operativní malé úkoly používáme vlastní systém v rámci e-shopového řešení. Naráželi jsme ale na limity u rozsáhlejších a déletrvajících projektů. Pak jsme dělali redesign a kódér nás navedl do Freela a já se do něj doslova zamiloval. Jsem rád, že podobné nástroje vznikají i u nás v Česku.“

Michal Kubíček E-shop mentor a majitel Světcukrářů.cz

„We're using Freelo for communication in team practically at all our projects. It's perfect Czech alternative global instruments, which even in their competition offers interesting features and reliable support in Czech.“

Filip Koubek Managing director ve Motionhouse s.r.o.

„Freelo has very quickly solved our ‚information noise‘ and has become an essential communication channel between us and external partners. Each member of the team has access to exactly the information they need for their work needs. I dare to estimate that the volume of emails in the communication with external partners has decreased by about 50%.“

Karel Jeřábek CEO of Eshop-rychle.cz
Case study

„Freelo is such Czech Basecamp clone with a couple of extra power ups. I especially appreciate the ability to keep hours on top of the task and to keep an eye on the finnacial side of the project.“

Mário Roženský Saas entrepreneur

„We have moved completely the entire business agenda and their delegation within the company to Freelo, where we have a very quick overview of who is solving what, we control the process of the solution and whether the task is done on time. We all task each other and we all know how the task is right now. Absolute chaos Freelo brought order and a clear structure. I appreciate the extremely simple introduction to a company that has no experience with any similar application. It's simple, clean and understandable.“

Ing. Jan Šmíd Managing Director

„We use Freelo as the main communication channel in a construction company, and although it is not designed for this purpose, it helps us to orient ourselves in the records of materials and freight orders and serves as a key system for tracking the progress of construction, including archiving problems. We have been working in Freel since last year's Christmas and we are very happy to help us share information with more people at a time, to plan tasks and to keep track of their deadlines. Team Bidli Buildings a.s.“

Pavla Sauri Projektový manažer realizace

I had experience with apps like Slack, Trello, Basecamp, but there was always missing something. I like about Freelo that it solves all the requirements that I have on collaboration software. We have been using it in the team for six months and it works very well. I recommend Freelo to everyone who wants to know all about projects, tasks, time and responsibilities.“

Lukáš Havlena Head Of Marketing OEZ

„I use Freelo for simple planning of multiple projects at once and assigning work on them. It makes it easy for me to assign work to programmers or people who care about social networks. That makes me much more comfortable than the well-known Basecamp.

Jan Hlaváč Jednatel SKLV

„We have been using Freelo for over a year. For us, as an agency that leads several projects at the same time, it is an invaluable communication tool. We most appreciate the clarity and intuitiveness in Freelo. This is especially important for our clients who came into contact with project and task managment application for the first time. Freelo helped us to keep an eye on the tasks, their timing, and also every person involved in the project knows what and when to do. We definitely recommend Freelo for us.“

Michalis Katapodis CEO of 3IT successful eshop s.r.o.

„As soon as I get all my clients into Freelo (and I'm really looking forward to) I will no longer have to go to email. Tasks are entered here, everyone sees what is going on, and the due dates are no longer just numbers.“

Dála Musil Marketing consultant

Freelo is great for entering, recording and performing tasks in the team. It is user-friendly, clear and easy to use. I also appreciate synchronization with mobile app, google calendar and email notification. Everyone can add comments, photos and files, and they also have an immediate overview of the changes. I can definitely recommend.“

Martin Parduba Property management technician

„I'm a programmer, and it's important for me to keep things clear. Not always clients correctly specify the assignment - this cannot be avoided. However, since the introduction of Freelo, as the main channel for making requests, it is significantly better. Clients respond faster, have an overview of when and what will be done, and I can additionally report the time to invoice the tasks directly, which is also great.“

Josef Berger External consultant at PragueBest

„Freelo is great at organizing ideas. Assigning task, entering deadlines, or sharing files in one place allow us to quickly finish projects. Thanks to notifications one does not miss anything.“

Gabriela Mlčochová Founder of Roundnet.cz

„When I started managing projects for Greendata, I tested a lot of applications. I ended up with Freelo. Simple, easy-to-use application that has helped us build order in all projects. Colleagues have learned to work with it without difficulty even though they are not quite used to using project management tools. Everything is enhanced by a seamless and very friendly customer service. We are very pleased.“

Tereza Kratěnová Green Project Coordinator

„The great complication of working in a big team for us was endless e-mail communication. We simply lost in it. Everyone responded to another thread and solving anything, especially across teams, was totally ineffective. That's why we decided to change the situation and choose Freelo.“

Jaromír Krpálek CTO in Sanasport.cz
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„Thanks to Freelo I gradually change the chaos in the order. As a freelance programmer I have a lot of tasks across projects every day. The advantages of Freelo include that clients are getting used to it quickly, and I have an overview of terms, money and calendar.“

Pavel Szabo Full stack programátor

„About half a year ago, we deciding which program to choose for manage our projects, we used the Basecamp, but it was strange and cold for us. After testing a number of candidates, Freelo was the winner. The big advantage is his clarity, complexity and, of course, the Czech team with whom we are always in touch and even us can have an impact on the development of the application. Gradually, we've interconnected with Freelo and everything that drives the new activity is instantly embedded in Freelo as a specific or undetermined task. Without Freela, life would be more complicated, thanks Freelo for making life easier for us :).“

Manuel Nuněz CEO of cashback system Alvarado.cz

Freelo is a great tool for me, which is also used by our customers and thanks to Freelo we can coordinate the whole project and avoid complicated e-mail communications. Freelo helps me keep the deadlines and set up projects and tasks with the great order. Thanks!“

Pavla Simonsen Founder of Netstep.cz

„For the last six months, we've been working on the extensive redesign of our site. If it wasn't Freelo, it would be a nice goulash. With the whole team and the people from the web agency, we deal with the prototype, design and will be followed by programming. In the past few months, Freelo has been so well-proven to be using it for internal communications over the tasks.“

Tomáš Reinbergr Founder of VašeLiga.cz
Do you need to convince a boss or colleagues?

Enforcing a change in a company is not always easy. We have placed our biggest clients in a cross-examination, and the essence of their operation in Freelo has been incorporated into a single PDF.

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„When we start redesigning our e-shop, the graphic designer sent us Freelo's invitation. We rushed quite quickly and found that it was actually much better than e-mail and OneDrive. It's great to know exactly when the function is going to be done, which task hangs or where the files are. Freelo brought a real insight into our communications.“

David Hriech Owner of 24time.cz

„Freelo suits me mainly because of its simplicity and clarity. Our team quickly liket it and we are moving forward much faster.“

František Szabó Affiliate guru & Businessman

Chaos has changed to a deadly order. Tasks not running away. Freelo in our company now stands behind every project where more people are involved. In deciding process between other project management apps even from abroad was one of the most basic and intuitive environment.“

Jakub Jánošík Business manager

„Imagine Freelo as a task list with deadlines and finances in one place. Add great discussions with teams and clients. Than drop emails. You will not regret it.“

Jan Čech E-commerce

Freelo will find use wherever it's working in teams, it is necessary to coordinate activities and watch the deadlines. In addition, I can imagine the use for personal life, such as planning trips, weddings, holidays, celebrations or building a house. Another great advantage of Freelo is that it is completely in Czech.“

Lukáš Dubina I suggest and improve e-shops

„The Graphic Designer suggested our business cards - banality, you will say. But when we later saw on Freelo how much material we produced around it, we were quite surprised. Thanks to Freelo, there was order from start to finish and the result is our beautiful business cards. Thanks Freelo!“

JUDr. Michal Kalenský Attorney & Insolvency Administrator

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