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Whose time, nerves and money Freelo saves?
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We have been using Freelo for the first year and I must say that our team's work has become significantly more efficient. Everyone knows what to do. In addition, Freelo is very clear and still comes with new functionalities that save even more time and simplify processes. With such a program, it is a pleasure to manage projects.“

Michal Švéda Online specialist in People in Need

I have to say that I have a much better overview of the organization of my department since we have started using Freelo. Project management is much easier now. It saves everyone time. Another indisputable advantage is that our suppliers use the same program, so coordinating activities is even easier.“

Kamil Veselý Marketing Director AC Sparta Praha fotbal, a.s.

“We're a journalists, so we always focus on content with vigor. At the same time, we often struggled with the project management of our production. We started using Freelo precisely to better organized and gain insight. And it works!

Jan Rozkošný Editor-in-Chief of DVTV

Thanks to Freelo, we have a better overview of who does what and who is hanging on. Everyone can easily find out what condition the task is in and possibly who is solving it. What's more, thanks to mobile application, we always have Freelo with us.“

Pavlína Broďáni Marketing Nikon

”We've love Freelo since the first day it was involved in the process. Communication is clear now, we can find all the tasks in one place, and the workload is decreasing nicely. Thank you for this easy to use and efficient tool.”

Miroslav Valný Marketing Production Manager,

”Freelo is clear, understandable and intuitive. It's a great tool for communication and collaboration between colleagues, all information, tasks and deadlines for projects are in one place and not lost in time. It's great to connect with a team from anywhere, which we see as important especially today with the combination of office and home office work. We also appreciate the constant improvements, the fast customer support and the mobile version of the app is definitely a big plus.”

Ing. Lucie Baránková Vilamová, Ph.D. Mayor, Statutory City of Ostrava - Municipal District Poruba

Freelo helps us share and coordinate. In addition, we are happy to help Czech projects!“

Pavel Storek Sales Manager Adriatic, Product Manager CEE OLYMPUS CZECH GROUP, S.R.O.

Freelo has become a great helper for us. It suits me and my colleagues in every way. Thanks to Freelo, our communication is clearer and we have all the tasks in one place. Freelo saves us time and therefore money.”

Martina Vojtíšková Online Marketing Specialist

Freelo makes the internal communication of Prague 7 City Hall employees as easy as possible. Freelo proved very useful in the preparations for moving to the new town hall building, when we managed to effectively delegate tasks to the heads of individual departments. We coordinate projects across departments in it, so that each user can see what stage he is at and what still needs to be worked out. From individual meetings of the Council, it is easy to assign tasks to specific employees with deadlines, which saves everyones time. In addition, people liked it as a personal "task manager", where they comfortably plan their work.”

Radomír Špok Secretary of the Prague 7 City District Office

“Freelo makes our lives easier every day. It makes us faster, more efficient, and more transparent. If you are looking for a tool to organize your tasks and simplify your existing processes, look no further. You have just found the best one on the Czech market. #WeLoveFreelo“

Barbora Blažková Head of Marketing at NetDirect

“Although we are a small company, we have a million tasks and micro-tasks in our profession. We work with a lot of attachments – photos, videos, document scans, etc. We need to show things to the team and discuss them. We tried Trello and Basecamp, but Freelo really won us over. It's intuitive, quick to enter and the big advantage is that it has a mobile app. After a few months, I can say that Freelo is suitable for any business and will definitely be a great benefit.“

Martina Pištěláková Interior designer of the show Jak se stavi sen

Freelo has saved me hours of time per week. We use it mainly for reports, but also for blogposts and social media posts. I'm not a big fan of work organization, but I enjoy Freelo!“

Honza Bartoš Taming Facebook advertising

“We have moved task management from management meetings and project management to Freelo. Thanks to Freelo, we all have an overview of the projects and status of their implementation in one place. The application is easy to use and intuitive, completely in Czech, with helpful customer service who can always advise. I recommend.“

Jana Jenšová CEO at ERGO pojišťovna, as

“Freelo fulfilled our basic need to supervise projects and keep communication in one place. Freelo's intuitiveness allows us to quickly integrate other colleagues into it. Freelo is becoming more and more a part of our company.”

Jan Minář Director of Marketing PRO-DOMA, SE

“A tool for project management and task monitoring is perhaps a necessity in every modern company. We started using Freelo overnight and it immediately became part of our daily work – everyone now knows what to do and doesn't forget.“

Petr Hulec CEO Bushman

We've been organizing WebExpo assignments for the second year in a row in Freelo. I like the possibility of subtasks, I missed them a lot in Basecamp, for example. What is really great is that one can send a task directly from the email. We also use time tracking for individual tasks. I can't praise the simplicity of importing Trello boards.“

Šárka Štrossová Director of WebExpo Conference

“As for Freelo, it's amazing and very surprising that the best online task management application comes from the Czech Republic. Thanks for that.“

Mgr. Adam Havlíček CEO čerstvěutrž

“I have tested various solutions, but Freelo approached me because it is Czech and can do everything I need. I see rapid development and flexible discussion as a great advantage. We use it in my parliamentary office and for my project as a self-employed person. I keep my fingers crossed and keep going!“

František Elfmark Politician, marketing and creative person

“We tried Freelo when we were dealing with Lean Administration. It was a step forward! Freelo made our work and administration easier. We use it extensively as action plans for all types of projects. All functions are very intuitive, so we can all handle it. We can only recommend.“

Romana Jiřičková Lean Manufacture Engineer Nedcon

“Thanks to Freelo, we were able to take our digital transformation projects to the next level. Each member of the team has a detailed overview of which projects who is cooperating. Collaboration and Synergy is what makes RE/MAX and it's twice as true with Freelo.“

Zbyněk Hauzer CIO RE/MAX

“During the difficult coronavirus period, I took advantage of the offer from the Freelo docks and I began to control and control my ship, which includes a crew of 12 sailors. After about a week, Freelo and I learned to paddle, and we're sailing where we want and how we want. We continue to use other features and consider using the API to manage external tasks. Freelo helped us mainly with repetitive team tasks, process tasks that can be easily Exported → Edit → Imported.”

Jan Čipera Team Leader at ČMSS a.s.

“We have been looking for a tool for a long time to help us organize a large number of our open projects and tasks. Then we found Freelo. Since then, we have everything in one place, which makes our projects a little more cool.“

Tomáš Hejč Managing Director

“Freelo suits us very much. We have finally found a platform, where we solve not only tasks, but also knowledge and information about our concerts and activities. Everything is in one place and thanks to the calendar we do not forget about specific tasks and events. I recommend Freelo to everyone.“

Pavel Šporcl CEO at Sporcl Arts Agency, Atistic Director at Kocianovo Usti Festival

“At GroupeSEB we have started to solve marketing campaigns for Tefal brands and WMF during the first wave of coronavirus in Freelo. It allowed us to eliminate unnecessary and inefficient emails and "extend our online fingers". Today, we are able to run many times more marketing campaigns in three markets, with four agencies and five teams. In Freelo I especially appreciate the Czech and English language versions and intuitive, sometimes even foolproof manipulation. Many thanks to the sailors from Freelo and 3 times Ahoy!“

Jiří Procházka Digital Marketing Manager CE, SEB Group

“So far, we have been working with Freelo in only one of our departments for a very short time, yet not only it has saved us some time, but it has also organized and clarified our work. We also use Freelo as a place where we compile procedures for individual tasks for both existing colleagues and newcomers. Implementing such a system into well-established procedures is always a chore, people usually don't like changes, but thanks to the simplicity and friendliness of the whole system, we do better than I initially calculated. Therefore, I firmly believe that Freelo will gradually become the main organizational and communication platform and we will be able to start implementing it in other departments of our company.“

Petr Bureš Head of the field-based department STEM/MARK, a.s.

“We are approaching Freelo gradually, but the number of e-mails has already dropped dramatically and the number of forgotten tasks has dropped to almost zero. I really appreciate that the first video tutorial I send to our people has 1:37 minutes. It's so short that everyone gives it a chance right away. :)“

Zdeněk Láznička Managing Director Hanibal sport s.r.o.

“Freelo suits us very well at work, because it is fast, clear and that is the most important thing for us. When we are looking for something, we need to find it quickly and not to stop in the middle. In Freelo, we have all our tasks at our fingertips on the main page. All our employees fell in love with the application. The Time tracking function helps us keep track of our employees' time spent working. Freelo looks modern and works great on your phone. We often use it, for example, in a café or at home watching TV, where we can also check our work from the phone. We definitely recommend to try Freelo in your team as well!“

Sára Lyčková Vice Miss of the Czech Republic 2019 and Miss Sympathy 2019, co-organizer of the national beauty contest Miss CR

“Thanks to Freelo, we reduced long e-mail communications and at the same time gained an overview of who is doing what, which is sometimes not easy with external people. We are amazed at how fast new features appear.“

Martin Vachata Project manager

“Effective management of several different departments in a dynamic company like Mironet requires a reliable tool and email really isn't the right choice. We tested for a while and then agreed that Freelo is what we need. The simple, intuitive environment, and also the mobile application, give us a complete overview of all the projects we are working on. If we don't know something, their support works great, so for we are completely satisfied and we highly recommend it to other companies as well.“

Martin Stanický Chief Operating Officer, a.s.

“We were looking for a program where we could communicate effectively. We prepare many large projects and sometimes it is difficult to find your way around them. The choice was between Freelo, Asana and Basecamp. After comparing features, price and clarity, we decided for Freelo, which meets our requirements for effective project management. All information in one place, task assignment, timekeeping, budget preparation and more functions that will be appreciated not only by the project and marketing manager.“

Marek Joska Group Online Specialist at CarTec Group a.s.

“Even before the pandemic, we were considering organizational tool and Freelo was our number one, but we were still getting by email, phones or skype for business. The unfavorable situation accelerated our decision-making, and only with Freelo's commitment to the production environment, we understand its true strengths. Saves time in organizing work, speeds up team communication, reminds deadlines, and has many other useful features.“

Karel Fatura Manager, Mazars

I've had experience with applications like Slack, Trello, Basecamp in the past, but they've always lacked something. When I came across guys from Freelo, I was not only interested in the fact that they are from Pardubice, but also that their Freelo elegantly solves all the requirements that I have for collaborative software. We have been using it in the team for half a year and it works very well for us. I recommend it for everyone who wants to have an overview of projects, tasks, time and responsibilities.“

Lukáš Havlena Head Of Marketing OEZ

Chaos has changed to a deadline. Tasks do not slip away. In our company Freelo stands behind every project where more people are involved. When deciding among other project management apps from abroad, one of the most essential was the intuitiveness of the environment.“

Jakub Jánošík Business manager

Freelo has become our reliable partner. It simply connects the internal team with external experts and thanks to it we do not lose track of planned, ongoing and completed projects.“

Mgr. Nikola Nevečeřalová Content Marketing Manager

Clarity, efficiency and order. This is how I would define the main attributes that Freelo has brought to our daily work. I like that this is a Czech company, they research, ask questions and respond to our requirements. So we don't have to worry about the timeliness and synchronization of the software with the dynamic development of the time.“

Ing. Tomáš Novák Marketing Manager at Porfix

”I fell in love with Freelo from the first moment so as did my clients and colleagues. As a freelancer and business owner in the marketing, I need to keep order between tasks from clients. Clients, in turn, keep track of which tasks are in process. But what gets me is the ability to track time and costs right away for each task, ready-made templates and instant transfer to the billing system. After Asana, Trello, Todoist and other pay-per-user applications, I'm happy to be in Freelo.“

Markéta Jílková Online freelance marketeer

“How can I put this - I'm thrilled! Somehow I got to the point where I was annoyed by the tools I was using. Calendar, Procesoid, contacts in Google + spreadsheet with subcontractors, combination of everything to make it easier to use, Toggl. I told myself that it is a hassle and I need to simplify it somehow. I shared this with the Mastermind group and tools like Trello (I know and use it with some clients and subcontractors on a limited basis, but...), Asana and others came up. This didn't quite fit me, so I confided to Pavel and he advised me to try Freelo. I was enchanted. It basically replaces everything that annoys me. You have fabulous templates = replaces Procesoid. Long term events in the calendar replaces the deadline in Freelo. Reminders for a specific item via a one-time date that is in the calendar and doesn't come to me in emails. Items can be moved between projects beautifully. For each item I can individually input a note or change the name of the item. I can easily link projects to Google Docs. Well, there is more, which makes me childishly happy. So I'll summarize: Thank you for Freelo. It is a tool of God!

Ing. Ivana Minářová Building designer specializing in smart home technologies, renovation of houses and apartments

I fell in love with Freelo. It was love at first sight. Half a year ago I wouldn't believe it myself, that it will suit me so well and replace wide range of other apps. What has changed with Freelo? Generally my approach how to manage projects and train outside workers and clients. I save loads of time and thanks to time tracking I can invoice from Freelo directly.“

Jiří Franěk International Growth Hacker, PPC & SEO strategist

“How to efficiently manage team communication, work assignment to internal and external people and control completed tasks without long meetings? We were thinking about it in the estate agency ARISE for couple of months and tried many online softwares. Of all of them, Freelo was clearly the most successful for us. Thanks to Freelo we safe time, have task overview and the team work is efective.

Marián Petreje CEO of ARISE, real estate agency

From Trello, Asana, Todoist, Procesoid, Easyproject, Basecamp, Time doctor, etc., we finally came to the Czech Freelo. The main reason for Freelo was repetitive tasks. Billing, accounts receivable, training. We have templates for everything. Sure, a cloud CRM can handle this, but we needed better communication support, comments, checklists. Freelo does this perfectly, intuitively. Onboarding new people is lightning fast thanks to the templates.”

Martin Macháček CEO CLOUD 150 s.r.o.

“In 2019 our activities increased so we started to look for more efficient way how to improve our work. Our team grew and we were loosing a control what anyone should ever do. Very often we missed deadlines. We have tried many project management platforms and chose Freelo finally. It is Czech and also it has all the features we need. After a testing period we switched to paid plan without hesitation. Now we are using Freelo for over a year and our situation has changed a lot. We manage to do around 1.000 tasks per month, we optimize our workflow and Freelo is our huge helper. We cannot imagine the daily work without it.“

Lukáš Vobecký CEO LanCraft

“As a non-profit organization we have many volunteers and young people, who are difficult to manage sometimes. Since they are all day long on their phones, Freelo is the perfect solution for reminders what they should do. It is clear, intuitive and the support is fast, willing and very helpful. Freelo team improves the app all the time and brings new features that make our work easier.“

Marek Štítny Chairman in Senica 2.0

“We are just at the beginning with Freelo, but it serves us perfectly already. Operation of the complex, preparation of events, administration - it is good to have clear deadlines and responsibilities in all these fields. We have chosen Freelo due to its features, Czech support and the possibility to invite unlimited number of users.“

Václav Jiráček Director, Salesian Youth Centre - Leisure Time Centre, o.p.s.

After an endless cruise in Basecamp and Trello, we have found a boat that fits our whole crew - Freelo. It saves us a lot of time and everything is in order. We onboarded our clients as well, so we enjoy smooth sailing all together. We are more than happy!“

Daniel Bauer Founder @Socials

“The company HERN started using Freelo in Technical department and gradually we spread it to others - mostly HR and Quality. Freelo daily helps us to organize and complete tasks. The strongest benefit is project management from a design, through technology, production to product verification. Freelo is good for reporting for the company management and also the work safety management.“

Jozef Kubičko Technical director HERN s. r. o.

We are using Freelo 4 years and we are extremely satisfied. It helps us to organize work, communicate over all projects and hundreds of tasks at once. Clearly, systematically and not only internally but also with our clients. No more unclear e‑mail communication. Great feature is option to switch to Kanban view that we use for development and other specific projects. We are especially looking forward to the integration with Slack :-)“

Ing. Michal Hanč Managing Director Media Heroes s.r.o.

“We use Freelo for better task organization in our team and checking deadlines. It helps us its clarity, clearly visible due dates and discussions in tasks.“

Tereza Kráčmarová Chairwoman of the association

“We found out Freelo thanks to a friend who is using it some time. It made our team work so much easier, helped us to order the company affairs and organize everything we need. We are very satisfied and appreciate the Freelo support. Mobile app is also great benefit. You can work anywhere. Thanks!“

Lucie Maurová Co-founder, Sedmikvět

Freelo helps us to keep an overview of the project. It's an excellent project tool that you can get to know very quickly, and there are great people behind it who don't hesitate to give advice and push the features and capabilities of Freeelo forward.”

Vojta Konečný Co-founder Wakawai

“We use Freelo to manage our wholesale and to regularly report repetitive tasks. Thanks to Freelo, we all have an overview of our colleagues' work. Thank you, it's a pleasure to work with such an application.“

Lukáš Konečný Strategy and Development

”We are very happy with Freelo, it's an incredibly intuitive tool that all the employees love. I can only recommend it, and in fact after a week of using it I couldn't imagine running a business without Freelo. I estimate the increase in communication efficiency to be somewhere around 30%. The involvement of suppliers and customers in projects is great. So it's not just a communication tool within the company, but a platform for clear communication of all processes. And very reasonably priced to boot. I recommend you to everyone.”

“We've been looking for an application that would allow us to combine several used tables and other tools together, for a long time. Thanks to Freelo, we succeeded and it works great. Of course, not everything is ideal, but that must've been application tailored to your needs. However, Freelo is gradually working on it all the time. They are constantly receiving new stimuli and communicate incredibly. Freelo is evolving and constantly improving at runtime. You won't find anything better for project management.

Václav Blažek CEO maveb. media s.r.o.

“After a rich experience with similar foreign tools, I finally decided to stay in Freelo. It is very intuitive tool for daily help and task management for both, regular employees and managerial structured assignments. I'm very happy and what surprised me the most, that the helpdesk always answered my questions in 5 minutes, which seems unbelievable, but it's true. Thank you very much and I wish Karel Dytrych good luck and success with this and other projects.“

Ing. Alexandra Belingerová, MBA Executive Head at Databig s.r.o.

“Although there is not many of us in the team, we work a lot with external people, so we enjoy how intuitive Freelo is and e-mail notifications. We moved all activities and communication from all kinds of channels to one place. We work more efficiently, faster and thanks to deadlines in the calendar we have an overview of everything.“

Petr Pitucha Captain of Yachters Baby

”Gone are the days when we at Youth Street started with activities prepared on the spot. Over the past 20 years we have embarked on projects that we could never have done without rigorous planning and capturing all the important commitments. In recent months, we felt we were hitting our limits and needed to move up a level.We tried Freelo. Communication comes together, tasks are clearly categorized with deadlines, and we can focus on what's important - our mission - without worry.

Peter Kulifaj Chairman of the organization and social worker

The moment I had the opportunity to touch Freelo I don't want anything else. An intuitive tool that facilitates the flow of information that is not lost in translation and is in real time. Easy management of projects and their partial tasks. Mobile application, pro-client access and Freelo, as a Czech project, are bonuses that I am happy about.“

Mgr. Tomáš Mikulica Marketing motivator at KAPSI s.r.o.

After years of using Toggl, Todoist and most importantly entering and tracking tasks via e-mail Freelo has completely replaced all of it. I often duplicate checklists, create tasks by forwarding e-mail and report work directly in the task. Perfect are also differentiate unbilled activities, so I don't forget to charge my clients any work.“

Karel Theodor Borovička Freelance online marketer

”Thanks for Freelo! 😊 I've been looking for an app for efficient task management for quite a long time. But it was never the right fit. Freelo is a combination of easy and intuitive to use, handy tools and tweaks, and a clear display. Finally, we don't get lost in the flood of emails. Because with Freelo, we keep track of tasks, problems that need to be solved, communicate to the point, and solve only what no one else has solved yet.

Ing. Věra Bugárová Self-employed

“The sailors from Freelo have created a nice tool that will help you not only with the journey to your destination. I appreciate many features. One of them is the ability to share the status of the project to the client without forcing him to log in. Happy voyage to you too.“

Radek Pohnán G Suite Deployment Services Specialist

“When we started the company, we tried countless applications for working with tasks and communicating with customers. All the tools were either very useless or lacked a concept, plan and vision. We need to give task to ourselves, externalists and communicate with clients, and then have an overview of the time spent on individual activities. We were so desperate that we wanted to write our own system. 😂 Well, then we discovered Freelo. Great Czech application, which maximally covers our needs, has a great team that is developing the tool in the right direction. Thanks to Freelo, we have everything in one place in a simple and functional design. Freelo and its development shows that the creators themselves actively use it. When something happens to be missing, thanks to API and webhooks, we can easily handle it ourselves.“

Tomáš Kavalek Online marketing, websites, e-shops and custom applications

“We use Freelo in the marketing department, partly in development and partly in an associated metal fabrication company. Freelo helped us to maintain control over projects that go through multiple departments and two companies. Everything is clear. The processes follow each other effectively, or we process them collaterally.“

Jakub Huráb Sales and marketing, LD seating

“As a small non-profit organisation, we were constantly working on how to manage our projects, delegate tasks, pass information, etc. We have tried more tools until we discovered Freelo, tried it, and have been much more efficient since then. If I am honest, the situation around Covid-19, when we had to switch to the online environment, forced us to use Freelo fundamentally. Although we are not yet using it to the full - tracking the time and so on, I believe that we will get to that in time 😀 We are glad that we can be on the same board, thanks.“

Linda Hurdová Director of

“It used to happen that an interesting idea came up during a meeting, but it got lost in load of daily agenda and nobody devoted it further. That's why we were looking for a simple, to-do-team tool to help us manage our digital projects and daily agenda. Freelo has met our requirements and has a Czech team that has trained and advised us when needed.“

Filip Hromek Xaxis & Programmatic Director, GroupM

“Freelo is a great help for our extensive organizing team of the European Cyber ​​Security Competition. It helped us get the scope of the project in one place and unify the way of team communication. Freelo is very intuitive and helps us to effectively manage the entire project.“

Jakub Vančo Managing Partner, KyberSoutěž.cz

Freelo is great for entering, recording and completing team tasks. It is user-friendly, clear and easy to use. I also appreciate the synchronization with the mobile application, Google calendar and email notifications. Everyone can add comments, photos and files, and also have an instant overview of changes. I can definitely recommend.“

Michal Burian Chairman of the Executive Committee of Destination Brno

“Freelo perfectly meets our requirements for managing tasks and projects in our authority. Everything is clearly in one place and it is also intuitive. We have significantly reduced the number of e-mails and primarily communicate through comments within the tool itself. The big advantage is the mobile application, so the city management has an overview at any time of what stage the task is and is immediately able to respond to any questions and suggestions from citizens. Last but not least, we like an active approach from Freelo's support team in solving our requirements.“

Mgr. Zdeněk Opálka Secretary of the Brno-Černovice district office

“Our library crew is on Freelo's board only for couple of months. We have learned to steer and divide tasks in projects very quickly. It is more convenient and focused. Everyone knows, what to do and when it has to be done.“

Mgr. Michaela Tobolová Head of professional library activities, Havířov Municipal Library

“Especially now in the time of the „covid“, homeoffice, forced holidays and therefore a lot of long-distance communication, we appreciated many benefits of Freelo. Everyone has an overview of the projects, their progress, everyone can answer when they have time and we do not have to commit to a specific time. Clear, simple tool, complete with a mobile app and email notifications, so you're always in the picture. Unlike using email and chatting on social networks there is all together, clearly structured and traceable. Although it is an intuitive tool, all newcomers are immediately offered a hand directly from the Freelo support team. Everyone likes different features - copying tasks, repeated tasks, replying directly from email and more. We do not make the most of Freelo, so we believe that we will find even more benefits in the future. This is a great Czech project that goes with the times. Thank you 💙 !”

Jindra Váňová Member of VV, Praguebeachteam o.s.

“For operational small tasks, we use our own system within the e-shop solution. However, we encountered limits on larger and longer-lasting projects. Then we did a redesign and the coder led us to Freelo and I literally fell in love with it. I am glad that similar tools are being developed in our country in the Czech Republic.“

Michal Kubíček E-shop mentor and owner Světcukrářů.cz

“We have already tried several project management systems in our company, but so far none of them have suited us very well. However, Freelo met our expectations. Work on projects is better organized and clear In addition, I would like to emphasize fast and helpful customer support.“

Žanet Krasnecová CEO of StartOnline s.r.o.

“We use Freelo for team communication in virtually all projects. It is an excellent Czech alternative to global tools, which even in their competition offers interesting functions and reliable support in Czech.“

Filip Koubek Managing director Motionhouse s. r. o.

“Freelo quickly resolved our information mess and became a vital communication channel between us and our external partners. In addition, each team member has access to exactly the information they need for their work. I dare to say that the volume of e-mails in communication with external experts has decreased by approximately 50 %.“

Karel Jeřábek CEO of

“We have completely moved the entire agenda of activities and their delegation within the company to Freelo, where we have a very quick overview of who is solving what, we have control over the solution process and whether the task is completed on time. We all task with each other and we all know how the task is right now. Freelo brought order and a clear structure to the absolute chaos. I especially appreciate the extremely easy introduction to a company that has no experience with any similar application. It's simple, clear and understandable.“

Ing. Jan Šmíd Managing Director

“Freelo is such a Czech clone of Basecamp with a few extra tweaks. I especially appreciate the opportunity to report on the task to keep track of the financial side of the project.“

Mário Roženský Saas entrepreneur

Freelo is great for entering, recording and completing team tasks. It is user-friendly, clear and easy to use. I also appreciate the synchronization with the mobile application, Google calendar and email notifications. Everyone can add comments, photos and files, and also have an instant overview of changes. I can definitely recommend.“

Martin Parduba Property management technician

“We were looking for a tool that would solve communication noise and shared capacities of people in the team. Freelo is helping us with that now. We have been using it for a relatively short time, but so far we are completely satisfied. We were surprised at how quickly we got used to it.“

Ondřej Valuštík Head of web team

“We use Freelo as the main communication channel in a construction company, and although it is not created for these purposes, it helps us orient ourselves in the records of orders for materials and deliveries, and also serves as a key system for monitoring the progress of construction, including archiving problems. Since last Christmas we have been working in Freelo and we are extremely satisfied as it helps us share information with multiple people at once, schedule tasks and keep track of their deadlines.“

Pavla Sauri Project manager of realization

“I use Freelo to easily plan multiple projects at once and assign work to them. It allows me to conveniently assign work to programmers or people who take care of social networks. I'm much better suited for this than, for example, the well-known Basecamp.

Jan Hlaváč Managing Director SKLV

“We have been using Freelo for more than a year. We are an agency that runs several projects at the same time and Freelo is an invaluable communication tool for us. We appreciate the clarity and intuitiveness the most. This is especially important for our clients who come into contact with a tool of this type for the first time. Freelo helped us keep track of tasks, their deadlines, and also every person involved in the project knows what and when to complete. We definitely recommend Freelo for us.“

Michalis Katapodis CEO of 3IT successful eshop s.r.o.

“Once I get all my clients to Freelo, and I'm really looking forward to it, I won't have to go to e-mail anymore. We will assign tasks there, everyone will see what is being solved and deadlines will no longer be just numbers.“

Dála Musil Marketing consultant

“I'm a programmer and it's important for me to be clear about things. Clients do not always specify the assignment correctly – this is probably impossible to avoid. However, since the introduction of Freelo as the main channel for submitting requests, it is significantly better. Clients respond faster, have an overview of when and what will be done, and I can also invoice the reported time for tasks directly, which is also great.“

Josef Berger External consultant at PragueBest

“Freelo is a great organizer of thoughts and ideas. Assigning tasks, entering deadlines or shared files in one place will allow us to quickly implement projects. Thanks to notifications, we don't miss anything.“

Gabriela Mlčochová Founder of

“When I started managing projects for Greendata, I tested a lot of applications. I ended up with Freelo. Simple and clear application that helped us put all projects in order. Colleagues learned to work with it in no time, even though they are not used to work in project management tools. Everything is enhanced by very friendly customer service. We are very satisfied.“

Tereza Kratěnová Green Project Coordinator

“A great complication for working in a large team for us was the endless e-mail communication. We were simply lost in it. Everyone responded to a different part of the thread, and dealing with anything, especially across teams, was absolutely inefficient. That's why we decided to change the situation and chose Freelo.

Jaromír Krpálek CTO in

“Thanks to Freelo, I am gradually turning chaos into order. As a freelance programmer, I have a lot of tasks across projects every day. The benefits of Freelo include getting clients used to it very quickly and I have an overview of appointments, money, and my calendar.“

Pavel Szabo Full stack programmer

“About half a year ago, we were deciding which program we would choose to manage our project. We used Basecamp, but it felt cold and unfriendly to us. After testing countless candidates, Freelo came out as the winner, the big advantage is its clarity, complexity and, of course, the Czech team, with which we are constantly in contact and thus we can influence the development of the application. Gradually, we got used to it and we immediately put everything that the new activity stems into Freelo either as a specific or as yet undetermined task. Without Freelo, life would be more complicated. Thanks Freelo for making our lives easier :)“

Manuel Nuněz CEO of cashback system

Freelo is a great tool for me, which is also used by our customers and thanks to Freelo we can coordinate the whole project and avoid complicated email communication. Freelo helps me meet deadlines and set great orders for projects and tasks. Thanks!“

Pavla Simonsen Founder of

“When we started solving the redesign of e-shop, we received an invitation to Freelo from our graphic. We looked around pretty quickly and found that it's actually much better than email and OneDrive. It's great to know when and what function will be done, on whom the task hangs or where the files are. Freelo has brought a real overview to our communication.“

David Hriech Owner of

“Freelo suits me mainly because of its simplicity and clarity. Our team quickly fell in love with it and thanks to it we move projects forward much faster.“

František Szabó Affiliate guru & Businessman

“We have been dealing with an extensive redesign of our website for the last 6 months. It would be a mess without Freelo. We solve the prototype, the design and the whole team and the people from the web agency, and programming will follow. In those few months of, Freelo has worked so well that we will probably use it for internal communication over tasks.“

Tomáš Reinbergr Founder of Vaš

“Freelo or record of tasks, their deadlines, worked hours and finances in one place. Add to that a discussion of team and client issues, and you can drop the email. You will not regret.“

Jan Čech E-commerce

Freelo will be used wherever teams work, you need to coordinate activities and monitor deadlines. Furthermore, I can imagine the use for personal life, such as planning trips, weddings, holidays, celebrations or building a house. Another great advantage of Freelo is that it is completely in Czech and also English.“

Lukáš Dubina I design and improve e-shops

“The graphic designer designed us business cards – banality, you think. When we later saw how much material we were producing around it in Freelo, we were quite surprised. Thanks to Freelo, it was tidy from start to finish and the result is our beautiful business cards. Thanks!“

JUDr. Michal Kalenský Attorney & Insolvency Administrator

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