: We have reduced amount of e‑mails with external partners by 50 %

Company Golemos, operating successful e‑shop platform is a fulfilled business dream. It can boast of nearly 6,000 clients from small to large companies from all over the Czech Republic. They maintained very personal and often friendly relationship. Not only in the massive improvement of the system but also in customer care sees Golemos its future. They focuse on development, education of internal team and entrepreneurs and cooperates with many recognized e‑commerce experts.

A 15-member team of employees together with external consultants and specialists does not lose breath and enthusiasm for a single second. That’s of course displayed in results of the whole company.

„In our team there are people who work almost constantly in day and night and come to me with their own ideas and suggestions,“ applauses the employees managing director Karel Jerabek.

Source: Private archive

We have reduced amount of e‑mails with external partners by 50 %

To avoid information noise is often very complicated in a large team. Information do not get to the right person, chaos in e‑mails causes disillusions and deadlines easily slip through your fingers. Golemos had similar problems more than a year ago and was looking for a way out.

„Fortunately, this problem has been solved very quickly by Freelo and has become a vital channel of communication between us and external partners,“ explains Karel Jerabek. „Each team member has access exactly to informations they need for their job. I dare to estimate that the amount of emails in communication with external partners decreased by about 50%,“ adds.

Freelo is clear, that is why we chose it

The final choice of a tool that would simplify the work for programmers, customer service and project-marketing departments in Golemos was preceded by a careful selection. To try and integrate into corporate processes was Karel Jerabek convinced by two things.

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„I don’t like overcombined tools where you are wondering how to use them and how to find what you need since the very beginning. A: Clarity and intuitiveness were essential for me. B: It is a Czech project and I am very proud of such things.“

We get 30 % more work done

In Golemos is a project manager responsible for assignment of tasks across teams because he has the best insight about running project. Plan of individual work is also in his competence. That is why he can recognize any problems very fast. Every team member sees all terms very clearly so he doesn’t need to take notes about it to his own tools or calendars. According to Karel Jerabek it improved efficiency of work by 30% and increased the number of tasks completed in time.

15 active projects
20 users
2.500+ comments on discussions
8/2016 since started to use Freelo

The most useful features

  • Marking and unmarking of colleagues — you will avoid communicating noise, misinformation and you will assign tasks only to those who they are for.
  • Task-Based Discussion and role of project manager — discussion of entire team and external colleagues on a particular task is in one place and you do not have to search for information in emails for a long time.
  • Deadlines monitoring — synoptical list of deadlines will allow you to complete more tasks in time and set priorities more easily.
  • Reports — continuously and retrospectively evaluate workload of your team, planning of upcoming work and resources will be easier for you.

Source: Private archive

Practical TIP from at the end

Freelo at meetings - if you mark down notes from meetings directly to Freelo, for example to a separate To‑Do list Meetings you will shorten the time of meeting itself and no long sumary will be needed. All colleagues will be familiar with the topics of the meeting immediately.

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