How can Freelo help you?

Replaces confusing email conversations. It unifies both internal and client communication. Eliminates the state when the left hand does not know what is doing right. Provides an overview of the financial side of the project.


Dashboard is your captain's bridge, from which you can see all the important tasks, dates and latest information.

At the top you will find tasks that are assigned to someone – you can filter to whom. You can prioritize the tasks you want to deal with in the coming days.

Other parts of the dashboard provide the latest information on the projects.


Projects are decks on which are collectively clients, colleagues, tasks, files and information. For better order, you can tag projects and get a simple categorization.

You can create a project or someone else invites you. In any case, here you will see all the projects that are of any concern to you.

What can you do with your projects?

  • Create project templates
  • Archive, restore or delete
  • Categorize with tags
  • Mark as favorite
  • Invite collegues and clients
  • Create To-Do lists and tasks
  • Upload files and docs
  • Create text notes
  • Track time and budgets

Project detail

Each project consists of chronological list of events, tasks, notes and files.

You will invite colleagues or clients to projects. You can tell who should see every To-Do list. So there is nothing to prevent cooperation in one place.

You can set project budget. Then you're just watching how tracked time shrinks the budget.

Tasks with discussion

Each task is a discussion. In it, you and others will solve everything essential to complete the task. The task is always solved by one person.

Task discussions work as Facebook comments - just write down and get new comments. You can also opt out of the discussion at any time.

Anyone can add new task

On the form for adding a task we took extra care. It's the most common actions that you'll do in Freeo.

You can set a task with a deadline or a range of due dates. You can comfortably upload files or copy images from clipboard with CTRL/CMD+V.

Another great feature is one-time notifications of users via @name. It is not necessary for a user to keep track of all the updates in the discussion. Easily notify them when it is needed.

Tasks can be repeated

Do you want to write three things every night that pleased you on that day? Easy help: Create a repeat task and never forget.

Repeated tasks are a powerful tool that makes it easy to find out how your team feels, what is going on today, what needs to be done in the office, and much more.

Let Freelo work for you. Integrate repetitive tasks into the everyday workflow. Start with yourself and continue with your colleagues. We are convinced that your team will appreciate it.

Calendar crafted for planning

On the left you see tasks that do not have a deadline yet. All you have to do is drag task to the calendar on the right to a specific day. And that is, the task already has a deadline. Likewise, you can change and move the scheduled tasks in the calendar.

Try simple filters to find out who will be dealing with what task.


Who worked a lot and who less? How many hours worked the whole team? What are the cost of last month's payouts?

All of this, and much more, will be answered by the Freelo reports.

Working with clients on a project is no longer a problem

Just in a few clicks to define who sees what. Every To-Do list can be assigned to different people.

Files and information are subject to tasks, so everyone sees only what is needed.

Do you want to have an overview over the time worked over the tasks?

No problem for Freelo. For each task, it is enough just to track your minutes.

Watch out, we can multiply time by hour rate. As the boss of the project, you will appreciate this. You can give your colleagues hourly rates. Each time the report is pre-filled and multiplied by the specified time. This makes you always aware of whether the project is running in red numbers.

Hour rate can be completely different for each person and for each project. Moreover, it is not necessary to repeat it every time - Freelo cleverly remembers the last one.

Your reports will only be seen by you and the project boss. You can decide yourself who else will see your reports. This is useful if you want to keep the client informed about costs during the project.


Freelo has an open API on which we intend to work and develop in the future a lot.

And what does it mean for you and your team? We will connect Freelo to other useful online applications to create a synergy effect.

Fakturoid is online billing and accounting for individuals and companies. Thanks to integration, you simply issue an invoice from all your work reports.

iDoklad is one of the most popular czech billing tools. Just like Fakturoid, you can simply issue an invoice from all of your work reports.

SupportBox simplifies customer care via email. In SupportBox with two clicks, you enter a task that appears straight in Freelo. Once it's resolved, you'll see it right now in Supportobox, and you can communicate good news to your customers.

Meeting record? Project assignment? Brief? Notes will solve everything.

The project is always full of information. The main thing is to have order. Here are notes. You can write important notes from meetings, specifications or briefs.

Notes can be seen by all project users or just by some - it's up to you.

Below the note you can also discuss with project members and attach files.

Smart customizable notifications

When you make a task or join a discussion somewhere, you will definitely be interested if someone replies. Freelo behaves similarly to Facebook. It will send you notification about those events that concern you.

You can set these notifications according to your needs. Notification can be seen in the app, so you only see it when you check Freelo. Or we can send you email summaries or individual alerts - it's up to you.

You can log out of every conversation. Nobody wants to watch something that is no longer relevant to him.

How to issue an invoice from a pile of work reports in a few clicks?

Watch a short guide. In this video, you'll find out how to get invoice from your tracked hours.

You can then simply flip this bill to real invoice via online service iDoklad or Fakturoid.

Try it for free, captain

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Even after 14 free days, you can use the Freelo FREE plan. You can find more information in our pricing