Features that stretch
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Better communication with your team and clients

Easily lost information due to e-mailing, calling or chatting. Thanks to notifications, deadlines, tasks and their discussions, Freelo is the right tool to help you with the daily agenda of your team.

Overview of everything for everyone

Freelo helps companies and entrepreneurs to organize their daily agenda. The big advantage is simple operation and clarity for less experienced users.

Plan, organize and start with process management

With calendar, task labels or smart templates, you'll have plenty of options to efficiently manage and organize your team and daily business agenda.

Measure, track, monitor the costs and then invoice

Freelo provides more realistic view of project's costs. It shows your colleagues efficiency and gives the information about the return of the invested money in realisations.

Why did they choose us

Captains about onboarding to Freelo

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“After comparing features, price and clarity, we decided for Freelo, which meets our requirements for effective project management.

Marek Joska Group Online Specialist
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“We started using Freelo overnight and it immediately became part of our daily work.

Petr Hulec CEO
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Freelo has become a great helper for us. It suits me and my colleagues in every way.“

Martina Vojtíšková Online Marketing Specialist

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