How Sanasport solved confusion in large team’s email communication

It is not a matter of course for the whole team to literally live in the field in which they works. Sanasport is trying to help people meet everything they do. In addition to the e-shop, there are 4 stores specifically in Brno, Olomouc, Praha and Bratislava. They are organizing free running trainings, offering a free diagnostics of walking without condition of buying anything, preparing attractive competitions like #behamzdarma, writes thematical articles, shoots educational videos and they also have a mobile app.

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Every Sanasportsmen is regularly active in some sport on competitive or recreational basis. That’s the reason why you will always find professionals at stores and online chat ready to help you. Sanasport is a company without fear of challenges and feels importance of doing things thoroughly and with heart.

More than 40 people in 5 cities in Czechia and Slovakia communicates on daily basis about short-term and long-term projects where are reflected ideas from offline and online world.

Marketing director Kamil Brabec constantly perceives this various corporate eco-system very positively after more than one year of using Freelo:

„Teams have very good relationships with each other and work together on a large number of tasks with great results.“

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Before Freelo we had chaos in emails.

„Big complication of working in a large team for us was endless email communication“ describes head of IT department Jaromir Krpalek former corporate problems.  „We just kept losing ourselves in it. Each responded to another thread and solving anything especially across teams was totally inefficient. That's why we’ve decided to change the situation and chose Freelo.“

According to Krpalek three main aspects played a role in selection of the application. Freelo managed to cover all of them easily. First, the fact that it is purely Czech tool. Second, it offered quick solution of confused communication between teams. Third factor was a reasonable price that corresponds with performance of the application.

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Brand new workflow

Thanks to Freelo the workflow in Sanasport has changed significantly. It has considerably reduced internal email communication. Necessary time for reading and assignment processing of projects or tasks has been reduced as well as whole discussions. Saved time and energy needed for searching informations in emails can be used for more important activities. They are also continuously monitoring workload of individual team members and they are able to plan new projects better.

Appropriate allocation of projects is a key to efficiency

Two weeks ago, roughly after a year of experience with Freelo they reshaped a structure of projects inSanasport. because there was no longer only one major project, prosaically named Sanasport. It contained plenty of To-Do lists and tasks which caused orientation in it very difficult..

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They have created new, smaller and more specific projects with invited colleagues and co-workers involved in the assignment. Work efficiency has begun to rise again and so did the clarity in individual activities.

In Sanasport the projects are currently divided into 3 types. First type are projects designed for campaigns. Second group consists of projects for communication of a particular team (store in Brno, Helpdesk, etc.) and third group are projects focused on online development and marketing.

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„Thanks to Freelo we can now very easily track timesheets of all team members and have clear overview of time requirements of each task and project“ says Jaromir Krpalek happily. „Application is intuitive and very easy to use so teaching it new colleagues does not take more than a few minutes.“
40+ active users
6.000+ tasks
1.000.000+ tracked minutes
30.000+ comments on tasks

The most useful features

  • Marking and unmarking of colleagues — At the beginning 6 people can work on a task and at the end only 2. This reduces communication noise and doesn’t distract attention of colleagues who have already done their part.
  • Administrator & Project Manager role — thanks to this function, the responsibility for finishing project doesn’t depend on one person and projects are easy to divide with other competent people in the team.
  • Well set notifications — on daily or weekly basis just as you need them.
  • Surveys and reports — makes easy to plan resources for new projects and keep track on current ones.

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Practical TIP from Sanasport at the end

Regular “Freelo cleaning” on Fridays = choose tasks which are not very time consuming and are disregarded because of bigger and more important tasks and you have them in your To-Do list for long time. Solve them. It makes your work agenda slim very fast.

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