Affiliate alias partner commission system

Would you like to offer Freelo to your business partners and also get something out of it? We have prepared a commission system just for you.

Who is it for?

  • icon- It is for more experienced users of Freelo, who understand it's benefits and know who it will help.
  • icon- It is for tutors, who can evaluate which team needs Freelo and is meaningful to implement it. Promo code can be mentioned in presentation (before publication the presentation please remove the slide).
  • icon- It is for content writers/creators – bloggers, video creators and publicly known persons.
  • icon- We prefer long-term collaboration, where we look for synergy. If possible, we can help you with spreading.
  • icon- We care about the quality of our partnership companies and we want to choose the cooperations.

How does it work?

  • If we agree, you receive an unique Freelo sharing parameter and partner code from us, which has two functions:
  • 1) It gives discount to user, who will pay Freelo thanks to you.
  • 2) We will know, that the commission per this customer is yours.
  • 3) ATTENTION: Partner promo code cannot be publicly shared.

Thanks to unique link parameter (i. e. we can monitor, how many new paying customers we gained from the partnership. And also your profit.

Such a link can be publicly shared. You can embed it to bulletin, your web or social sites. It is possible to use the link for any pages. It won't work on Blog and Help.

You will have access to the Affiliate interface, where you can check current rewards, promo code usage and other useful indicators. You can generate information to create an invoice.

Sample from the Affiliate interface


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