Affiliate alias partner commission system

Are you interested in offering Freelo to your business partners and would you like to get something out of it? We have prepared a commission system just for you.

Who it is/not for

  • icon- It is for more experienced users of Freelo, who understand it's benefits and know who it will help.
  • icon- It is for tutors, who can evaluate which team needs Freelo and is meaningful to implement it. Promo code can be mentioned in presentation (before publication the presentation please remove the slide).
  • icon- We prefer long-term collaboration, where we look for synergy. If possible, we can help you with spreading.
  • icon- Není to pro ty, kteří plánují napsat jeden článek a čekat na provize.

How does it work?

  • In case we come to terms, you will get partnership code, that has two functions:
  • 1) Gives discount to user, who will pay Freelo thanks to you.
  • 2) We will know, that the commission per this customer is yours.

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