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9 reasons why is Freelo the best Tool for your Team

Task Communications will be clear for everyone

Emails, phone calls or chat. Information get lost easily. Tasks contain all attachements and users discussion in Freelo. You will always know who is responsible and what is the deadline of the task.

Timer measures real time spend on the task

Push Start and time runs. Are you done? Click Stop. It's simple and clear. Look how powerfull is our Timetracking .

Smart notifications on comments and important activities

Notifications in Freelo work similarly to Facebook. An alert will come to you when someone adds a comment, changes the deadline or completes the task you have created. You can always opt out of the watch.

You can synchronize Deadlines to your Google Calendar

The calendar is today an important part of almost all work activities. You can synchronize your dates with Freelo with your favorite calendar, like Outlook, Google, etc. Just by supporting the standard ICS format.

Just replay to e-mail and your comments will appear in thread

Freelo sends email alerts about important events over projects and tasks. To avoid having to switch from an email client to an application, simply reply to an email. Your message will appear as a new comment at thread. Psst: You can also send attachments and we cleverly crop your email signature.

Bring your Client onboard and set him what he can see

The project consists of To-Do Sheets and Tasks. All information is in the To-Do list. For each To-Do lists, you can identify who has access to it. This makes it easy to share one project with an internal team and a client as well. Check out how Freelo works with user permissions.

Use Copy&Paste to place image from Clipboard right to comment area

Copy the screen to your Clipboard by CTRL/CMD + C or with the right-click. Then just go to Freelo into the comment area and place Clipboard image by CTRL/CMD + V (Insert) . Here we go, your image is uploaded side by side with your text. It greatly expedites cooperation and communication over visual informations.

Freelo is intuitive, fast and has friendly support

We believe that Freelo is a great job helper. Without speed and clarity it wouldn't work. During development we take care to maintain the maximum simplicity of the whole application. Plus, there is Friendly chat support that will never let you down.

Templates can help with processes and delegation will be easy

We don't like repeating routine activities. That is why Freelo has project templates, To-Do lists and sub-tasks. They are used to preserve know-how and simpler procedures. Freelo is suitable for creating flat processes and then delegating the activities described below.

Android and iOS Phones

Download Freelo App to your Phone or Tablet

Get work and information at your fingertips. Download a mobile app for your Android or Apple mobile devices.

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Thanks to Freelo we have a better insight into who is doing and what he is hanging on. Everyone can easily find out a task status and who can handle it. In addition, thanks to mobile applications, we always have Freelo with us.“

Pavlína Broďáni Marketing Nikon

„I was looking for a tool to solve the communication noise and the shared capacities of people in the team. Freelo is now very helpful for us. We use it relatively shortly but with the full satisfaction. We were surprised how quickly we got used to it.“

Ondřej Valuštík Head of web team

„Thanks to Freelo we cut off a lot of long email communications and at the same time gained insight into who is doing what. It is sometimes not easy with remote colleagues. We're surprised with the new features updated frequently.“

Martin Vachata Project manager Fotoš
Case study

„Freelo has very quickly solved our „information noise“ and has become an essential communication channel between us and external partners. Each member of the team has access to exactly the information they need for their work needs. I dare to estimate that the volume of emails in the communication with external partners has decreased by about 50%.“

Karel Jeřábek CEO of
Case study

I had experience with apps like Slack, Trello, Basecamp, but there was always missing something. I like about Freelo that it solves all the requirements that I have on collaboration software. We have been using it in the team for six months and it works very well. I recommend Freelo to everyone who wants to know all about projects, tasks, time and responsibilities.“

Lukáš Havlena Head Of Marketing OEZ

„I use Freelo for simple project management and delegating tasks to others. In Freelo we collaborate with programmers and people looking after social networks. After few months I can say that Freelo is way more better than the well-known Basecamp.

Jan Hlaváč Managing Director SKLV

„We have been using Freelo for over a year. For us, as an agency that leads several projects at the same time, it is an invaluable communication tool. We most appreciate the clarity and intuitiveness in Freelo. This is especially important for our clients who came into contact with project and task managment application for the first time. Freelo helped us to keep an eye on the tasks, their timing, and also every person involved in the project knows what and when to do. We definitely recommend Freelo for us.“

Michalis Katapodis CEO of 3IT successful eshop s.r.o.

„Thanks to Freelo I gradually change the chaos in the order. As a freelance programmer I have a lot of tasks across projects every day. The advantages of Freelo include that clients are getting used to it quickly, and I have an overview of terms, money and calendar.“

Pavel Szabo Full stack programmer

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