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One place, all the information

Do you know that feeling when you've searched your inbox for the third time and you can't find important document? This is not going to happen to you with Freelo. Keep files, communications and information in one place.

Colleagues, clients and one ship

Invite your team or clients, divide work and watch the tasks go. No task is going to be lost, everyone has an overview and the comfort to work.

Finance and time

Budgets, tracking, reports and billing. Track time and money over tasks. Thanks to iDoklad or Fakturoid simply transform tracking to invoices in a few clicks.

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„We´re using Freelo for communication in team practically at all our projects. It's perfect Czech alternative global instruments, which even in their competition offers interesting features and reliable support in Czech."

Filip Koubek Managing director ve Motionhouse s.r.o.

„Freelo has very quickly solved our „information noise“ and has become an essential communication channel between us and external partners. Each member of the team has access to exactly the information they need for their work needs. I dare to estimate that the volume of emails in the communication with external partners has decreased by about 50%."

Karel Jeřábek CEO of
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„Thanks to Freelo we cut off a lot of long email communications and at the same time gained insight into who is doing what. It is sometimes not easy with remote colleagues. We're surprised with the new features updated frequently."

Martin Vachata Project manager Fotoš
Case study

„Freelo používáme už více než rok. Za nás, jako agenturu, která současně vede několik projektů, jde o neocenitelný komunikační nástroj. Nejvíce oceňujeme přehlednost a intuitivnost práce ve Freelu. To je obvzlášť důležité pro naše klienty, kteří přicházejí poprvné do styku s nástrojem tohoto typu. Freelo nám pomáhla držet si přehled o úkolech, jejich termínech a taktéž každá osoba, která je do projektu zapojená ví, co a kdy má splnit. Za nás Freelo jednoznačně doporučujeme.“

Michalis Katapodis Jednatel 3IT úspěšný eshop s.r.o.

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