Team cooperation on tasks
quickly and easily

Everyone at the company knows what to do, deadlines don't run away, information don't get lost. Freelo is the most recommended Czech tool for business communication.

For teams & freelancers - web, mobile, Mac, Windows.
Simple for everyone

Get more done with less effort

Freelo gives the bosses the insight they need, makes it easier for freelancers to communicate with clients, and shows employees what they need to work on.

No more searching in the e‑mail conversations

Communication becomes instantly clear

Thanks to notifications, deadlines, tasks, and discussions Freelo is just the right tool to streamline any team's workflow.

Team in the same boat

Files and information in one place

Clear task discussions help you and your colleagues get all the information, files and documents to a place where you can find them quickly.


Why the bosses of thousands teams love Freelo

”We've loved Freelo since the first day it was involved in the process. Communication is now clear, we can find all the bags in one place, and the workload is decreasing nicely. Thank you for this easy to use and efficient tool.”

Miroslav Valny Marketing Production Manager,

“Freelo fulfilled our basic need to supervise projects and keep communication in one place. Freelo's intuitiveness allows us to quickly integrate other colleagues into it. Freelo is becoming more and more a part of our company.”

Jan Minar Marketing Director, PRO-DOMA, SE

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